Plan to join us Nov. 13 for a night of food, performance and celebration supporting Urban Growers Collective. Scroll down for recipes, instructions & more!


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Our next virtual pasta cook-along with celebrity chefs for a great cause









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Yes, pasta is a beloved Italian ingredient, but did you know that it can also be a great base to explore flavors all around the world? Our chefs have organized an easy way for home cooks to prepare inspiring pasta meals with a cooking technique we simply call, “Pasta Builders.” 

The Pasta Builder is a guide, not a regimented set of instructions. It allows you to mix & match your favorite ingredients and customize your dinner based on your preferences and mood. It shows you a system of building and layering ingredients that is super simple.  The more you use it, the more you will evolve your natural cooking instincts and technique!

As an added benefit, we’ve created a guideline so that each builder produces a delicious meal which is 500 calories per serving or less, no matter which combination of flavors you choose. Sign up below for the latest updates about future cook-alongs, contests, pasta builder ideas and more.


Create. Cook. Enjoy!


Barilla Virtual Tribute Cook-Along for Urban Growers Collective

Stanley Willis

Chef Nyesha J. Arrington

Jane Richards

Chef Erick Williams, Owner Virtue Restaurant & Bar

Jane Richards

Lauren Scott, TV Host/Lifestyle Contributor

Jane Richards

Red Clay Dance Company

Come join our virtual tribute to Urban Growers Collective (UGC) to celebrate its powerful work to eradicate systemic racism in Chicago’s underserved communities. Our evening Event will toast the unveiling of UGC’s new mobile market and their unique approach to healing communities through farming, food, art, and culture.

Hosted by Lauren Scott and Chefs Erick Williams and Nyesha Arrington, this virtual cook-along will celebrate UGC’s work to eradicate systemic racism in Chicago’s underserved communities.  There will be a special appearance by Phil Rosenthal and special performances from Red Clay Dance Company, with music by Avery Young. All ticket proceeds will go to UGC. Your generous donations will help grow UGC’s important contributions to the urban farming community and the residents in the City of Chicago.



Penne Pasta Salad

Cook-along with our chefs and produce from the Urban Grower’s Collective. Click the buttons below for the ingredients, cooking tools & recipes.


Carrying on a 10-year Tradition Virtually

Stanley Willis

Chef Lorenzo Boni

Jane Richards

Jan Miller

Jane Richards

Natasha Sayles

A highlight of Des Moines Winefest’s Meredith Saturday Sessions for the last ten years has been the Barilla Interactive Dinner. In true 2020 fashion, we were thrilled to bring this interactive cooking class to your homes! Chef Lorenzo Boni guided guests through cooking a four-course meal virtually with at-home chefs making appearances to talk with the hosts and share their dishes.

Barilla Celebrates Harlem Serves Up

Chefs Marcus Samuelsson, Lexis Gonzales and Katie Lee team for cook-along

Stanley Willis

Marcus Samuelsson

Jane Richards

Katie Lee

Jane Richards

Lexis Gonzalez

Harlem-based chefs Marcus Samuelsson and Lexis Gonzalez joined together with Barilla for virtual cook-along sharing exciting new trends and flavors of pasta. This online event brought together more than 500 people. Host Katie Lee, of the Food Network, helped explain the cooking tips to the interactive audience that answers polls, asked questions and chatted online.

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Our next event Nov. 13 is open for registration now! Click the link on this page!

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You don’t see it, you participate! So much fun with chats, polls questions for the chefs and more. To ensure you have the best experience we recommend:

After you register for an event, you’ll be sent a link.

Log-in to the Crowdcast app 10 minutes before the show.

Best tech tips: Use Chrome or Firefox, not Safari.

Make sure you’re on high-speed wifi.

And start chatting away!

Each event is different. Fees for future events–if applicable–will be updated here. Proceeds go to benefit the local community and our partnering organizations.

Pasta for All is an online cook-along series offered by Barilla for people to come together, learn to cook great food and support local communities. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on future events.

Each one varies. New times will be posted here.

These days, getting out is not so easy. Our ability to travel the world, our country, our favorite restaurants or even our own grocery story is limited. We are all cooking at home more and more, and maybe running out of ideas or limited to what we have on hand. That’s why we designed this Pasta Recipe Builder-cooking technique that allows you to use ingredients you may have on hand in your pantry, refrigerator or freezer, or explore different global culinary flavors to easily add variety to dinner time.

Our series of Pasta Recipe Builders make it easy to create a myriad of different pasta dishes without relying on a specific recipe and without having to have a lot of cooking skills. It gives you the freedom to stretch your culinary creativity and think about pasta beyond Italian to explore different cultures through food. The idea is simple: layer the flavors to bring out the best of all your ingredients. The more you use this technique, the more you will evolve your natural cooking instincts!

We’ve been privileged to work with great chefs in this series including:

Marcus Samuelsson is an award-winning chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, philanthropist and food activist.

Lexis Gonzalez is the co-owner of Lady Lexis Sweets.

Katie Lee, host of the Food Network’s, “The Kitchen.”

Lorenzo Boni, Barilla US-Executive Chef

Erick Williams, Chef/Owner of Virtue in Chicago

Nyesha Arrington, an LA-based Chef.

The current event is a benefit for Urban Growers Collective in Chicago. Read more about them here:

Past beneficiaries include:

World Central Kitchen is a team of food first responders, mobilizing with the urgency of now to get meals to those who need them most. They’re activating hundreds of restaurants and kitchens to feed marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Citymeals provides a continuous lifeline of nourishing meals and vital companionship to New York City’s homebound elderly. Working in partnership with community-based organizations and senior centers, Citymeals prepares and delivers over 2 million weekend, holiday and emergency meals for more than 18,000 each year.

Harlem Park to Park is a social enterprise representing 200+ entrepreneurs committed to cultural preservation, small business and economic development in Central Harlem, NYC’s premiere cultural, dining, shopping, lifestyle and nightlife hub north of 110th Street.

Uptown Grand Central is a 501c3 nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming East 125th Street into a thriving corridor by delivering programs that put advocacy into action through collaborative partnership.

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